Rakim’s production fire emanated from his great curiosity of visual mediums, always striving to understand how things came before him. Rakim’s graphic design and videography talents are generated throughout his music videos, album artworks, media illustrations and more. The combinational energy of music, design and video brings about an exhilarating experience which pushes Rakim’s inspiration and drive to create.



Gillian. A photographer with a deep passion for portraiture and fashion photography. Her love affair with the visual art began at a young age, beginning with her admiration over pages of fashion magazines. She has been heavily inspired by the different cultures present within the fashion industry, whether it be street style or high end.Gillian maintains a refined eye for detail, acquiring a unique yet clean approach to her work.

Emily DP.png


Emily is a passionate graphic designer with a flare for all things street-inspired. She loves to combine her talent of illustration and design together to create unique and androgynous concepts, which reflect the inspiration she takes from music, fashion and modern-day technology.



Shaedyn uses her creative capacities as a form of communication; being a reflection of her views, experiences and emotions. Her distinct artistic expressions transpire in various forms of producing and editing media contents. Shaedyn’s vast range of curated skills establish her as an individual employing a whole house of multimedia talent.